Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have separated my Mind Map into 8 categories and gave some examples. Most of my knowledge has come from life experiences. If I do not know what to do, or are learning how; I take to the Internet! However, I never fully trust the Internet since there is so much nonsense on it [not this blog, other stuff]. So I use that knowledge then ask anyone that might have had experience in that field. For instance, I am restaining the bedroom furniture that will go in my daughter's room. My first move was to look it up on Google. I checked about a half dozen websites and found the basic way with some extras. I then checked with the DIY books my family got for me when we moved in. Lastly, I asked some friends and my father about it, hoping one of them has done this before. With this knowledge I purchased everything I needed [or so I thought] and got to work. Needless to say, I had the wrong color for the nightstand, and didn't completely take off the whole finish on the dresser. After going back to the Internet, I realized some miscalculations and went back to work. This time perfection. The desk was restained correctly, but took much longer than I had originally thought. So after some thought, I learned how to prepare for my adventure by using my Connectivist network. Yet, I had to figure out how to do things correctly for my situation by trial and errors.

My network has changed the way I learn from connecting the ideas with different arguments. I cannot just look at one magazine and have a well thought out opinion on it. I read the magazine, watch the news, talk to my family, see what my friends think on Facebook, discuss it on, and argue it with neighbors. My view on a subject my change slightly after each person I encounter, or book/magazine/show I see. Typically, when I am learning how to do something I go to youtube, or whichever website is the authority on the subject. Learning how to stain furniture is DIY or Home Depot. How to get rid of dandruff, go to Men's Fitness. Gaining more knowledge about the Roman Empire I go to When I have questions I look for more research and ask those around me [which has taken on new definition since the social networking sites have exploded on the scene] to give their input so I can make an informed decision.

Overall, this agrees with the connectivist views.  I would be a totally different person if the areas of the above map were different.  Maybe I wouldn't be a teacher if there wasn't so many in my family.  Maybe my views would be different if I didn't view the shows/magazines/books that I have.  This is the idea that nurture overcomes nature.  That you can play the Six Degrees of Learning about yourself.  Things are connected and shape who you are as a person.  Thus shaping the way you learn.  So when attempting to setup instruction for others, I need to know their strengths and weaknesses to help them get the most out of the learning experience. 

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